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Last Friday, Lucy and Ling went to a co-working event with a group. It’s a pretty neat concept, freelancers, programmers, start-up entrepreneurs, all gathering a couple of evenings a month, to meet and work together on different projects.

It was our first time, and we felt kind of like the new kids in school. so when a friendly looking guy started chatting with us about our business. As we talked about living and working around the world, he got more and ore excited.

“We are on exactly the same page!”, what he told us. He was going to tell us about his business.

He sit down and flipped his tablet, thinking we are going to listen his story, about his start-up, or whatever. He started on a slide show featuring genetic travel photos under heading like BEACHES, NIGHTLIFE, ADVENTURE…

It sounds pretty weird, I was thinking, he kept telling us about this online travel club called WorldVentures, where users can buy discounted travel packages for super cheap, if they just pay a $199 fee + $54.95 a month (what a deal!). Then he told us the real money was in becoming an associate and recruiting others to join the program.

It was way before he showed us the pay scale and structure, the first thing popped up in my mind, is the pyramid. And there we were, when he showed us the pay structure, oh yes it looks the same, then I realized what was going on. It looked like this guy was trying to recruit us into a pyramid scheme!

We left the place directly.

No ideas if there are some people still working into this. Well, I knew a friend at least who’s involved into this company. He told me, that he tried to book his flight tickets, and just $2 differences between a travel agency and WorldVentures! 

We started digging for a bit more about this company.

Based on the information of Wikipedia, it’s a multi-million dollar companies, and it seems growing pretty fast in worldwide.

“The concept behind, is the multi-level marketing (or MLM) network. Because they sell actual products such as flight tickets, hotels or resorts booking, package booking, so it doesn’t count for pyramid scheme, and it’s enough to keep them on the correct side of the law.”

I will explain in another blog post for what the MLM idea is.

The scariest thing for me, is that WorldVentures is still growing. Which means, a lot of people are being involved into paying money and effort down a rabbit hole when there are far more productive ways to realize their travel dreams. Don’t be fooled, don’t go for the “easy money”, you deserve and you can do better.


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