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I had a numbers of online friends asked me if I knew anything about a company which called Wealthy Affiliate, because they heard about some good things about them. In the beginning,  my thought was just to take a look what’s it all about.

I decided to sign up Wealthy Affiliate for a free account to discover and take a “investigation” to look more further what it is about. There are not much website which leads and makes you to take a look more further, because I do not want to miss out any potentially and lucratively opportunity.

After a day later, I decided to upgrade my account to Premium member, which took me to look more further and see what are the differences between a Free member and Premium member. There have a lot more functions are unlocked exclusively to Premium Member than a Free member.

For example, Free member cannot send private messages to Premium Members, and so to the owners Kyle and Carson, no live training weekly, only for 1 session of online training, 2 free websites given to be built up, no 24/7 live help if you have any website matters. But Premium members does, included web hosting, SSL encryption, Virus protection, up to 50 websites you can build up, over +1000 training with videos and text based modules, etc. After 7 months at Wealthy Affiliate, I decided to write my review with my findings on whether it is a good program to sign up with, or not.

Wealthy Affiliate Review Summary

Website Name : Wealthy Affiliate


Type : Affiliate Marketing / Online Marketing

Owner : Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim

Launched in : 2005

Price : USD $49 per month or $359 per year

Rating :

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What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is about “making money online” by using the most economical, and organically ways.

If you are new to all of these, have already signed up with WA for free but don’t know what you’re supposed to do, then I’ll very briefly explain what it’s all about.

It’s about blogging. You start your own blog/ website on a specific theme (Niche).

The theme (“Niche“) can be anything you like. Your hobby, something you love, something you know a lot about. You share your knowledge and passion with your readers.

On your blog, you recommend related products to your readers.
Each time your reader buys your recommended product, you will receive a commission.

This is the rough idea of it. You’ll gradually work it out as you go along, but there are a lot more. Wealthy Affiliate provides online business opportunities, the fastest WordPress-exclusive web hosting, keyword research tool (Jaaxy), affiliate marketing training, live training weekly, 24/7 live chat, 24/7/365 Technical Support with professional team standby, and a huge member community to help with your questions.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate is about enjoying blogging, writing and sharing while making commissions in affiliate marketing.

It is NOT about :

× Selling – you DO NOT need to set up an online shop.
× Network marketing – you DO NOT need to reach people to sell anything.
× You DO NOT need to buy anything. You can start free for as long as you like, but the Premium membership (recommended) fee is all you need. You can unlocked all of sections that limited to Free members.

Why should you choose Wealthy Affiliate?

The latest statistics as shown below, explained why affiliate marketing is the best way for ordinary people like you and me to make money online.

  • 81% of brands leverage affiliate marketing.
  • Every year in the US, the affiliate marketing spending constantly increases, and is expected to increase in the coming years.
  • 55% of affiliates are working from home.

The statistics also show that

  • The top 4 success methods are SEO, social media, blogging and email.
  • WordPress runs 33.9% of the entire internet, and 60.7% of website builder (CMS) market.

Wealthy Affiliate provides WordPress, and teaches how to make money online from blogging, SEO, the latest social media marketing and email strategy. It is equipped with all the essentials.


‘Hot’ Affiliate Marketing Statistics (WebMarketSupport)

Usage of Content Management Systems (W3Techs)

The platform is made with WordPress and it is ready for everybody. Once you sign up, you can start building your website literally within minutes. It provides over thousands of training videos, thousands of text tutorials, questions & answers, and thousands of active members help each other on its community forums.

It also allows you to write blogs within your profile, which will then be indexed by search engines. It means any blogs written within WA site are visible to anyone, and good quality content will be ranked high in Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines.

Whether you are entirely new to website creation, or you already have your business online but wish to expand your knowledge, it gives you an opportunity to reach your ultimate goal – to make money online successfully. Does that make sense so far?

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  1. Delyana

    Thanks for this comprehensive WA review. I truly believe WA offers the best affiliate marketing training and I recommend it to anyone who loves to write and earn money by promoting other people’s products.

    1. Ling

      Hello Delyana, thank you for your comment. WA (Wealthy Affiliate) is a good place for making money online, and especially for beginners because they provide step-by-step training how to become an affiliate marketer. You can build up your website during training, and start to make money at the same time. Members inside they make money and they are willing to teach, and help out each other. You can take a look our successful stories of members on home page in WA. Also, we posted some successful stories on Twitter too, can take a look and follow us. You are always welcome to cross by, leave us comment, or share your stories with us.

      Have a nice day and stay saf,

  2. Tom


    This is a great Wealthy Affiliate review. I have been using Wealthy Affiliate since 2017, and I have given my own reviews that follow a similar pattern to this one. I can honestly say that I believe the training that Wealthy Affiliate offer has to be some of the best in the world. I like to go through the training a few times a year just to keep on top of things and if there has been any updates.

    I can highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate to your readers and if they want to learn how to become a really good online marketer/affiliate marketer then they are in the right place.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    1. Ling

      Hello Tom, thank you for your comment. Glad to see that you gain profits on Wealthy Affiliate, it also proves that they have good trainings to beginners in Affiliate Marketing. It’s a pathway to lead them to success. You are always welcome to come across, and leave us comment.

  3. Habib

    No matter how much I know about Wealthy Affiliate, I still feel motivated reading a Wealthy Affiliate review. You went through introduction to all the way to premium membership and if it is worth joining Wealthy Affiliate. I personally think Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best platform online that offers all the training and support to start an online business successfully.

    Thank you for this detailed review.

    By the way, I did not know Kyle’s surname before 🙂

    1. Ling

      Hello Habib, thank you for your comment. We seen a lot of Wealthy Affiliate members gained and grown up a lot since they joined premium, and it’s like you said, it’s worth to join in and you will gain a lot of benefits from it. Also, I believe that it’s leading people to generate passive income in 21th century.

  4. Cheyenne

    This review is intriguing to me. I have been looking at different online opportunities to make money and haven’t been able to find one that seemed 100% legit yet. I am very skeptical and slow to spend money. With the free trial and the benefits to that, I suppose it might be worth giving it a shot and see how it goes. I can see the many benefits of becoming a premium member though as well. Can I start free and then upgrade later if I wish to do so?

    1. Ling

      Hello Cheyenne, thank you for your comment. There have plenty ways that you can make money online, but how to determine legit one, and that’s the decision you will need to make. Yes you can start Wealthy Affiliate for free first, and it’s included 7 days free for the premium membership discovery, and you can upgrade later. There you will see the trainings and successful stories under our certified members. If you have any questions, you can ask me, and I’m willing to help you as much as I can. Let us know if you have any ideas about how to make money online or so. Cheers.

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