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Do you want to move into Transcription industry, but don’t know where and how to start? TranscribeMe could be a good place to start, best make money online job for shy and not talkative people. This is one of transcription companies which opens for newbies, and a good place to tighten your skills on the job. The best thing is, you don’t need to buy any transcription software, but there have minimal equipment you will need. Perhaps those equipment you may have it already. Take a break and have a cup of coffee, then decide if this is your pathway to transcription career, or only a good way for making some extra cash?

Is TranscribeMe a legit company?

TranscribeMe is completely legit. Because they pay. It could be a great place for you to make some extra cash online, addition to your existing income as a part-time job, to have a flexible for your work from home job.

Because it is straight forward nature, TranscribeMe possibly is one of the most popular transcription companies.

Also, if you would like to tighten your existing skills for your job, TranscribeMe is opening to work with beginners, you don’t need to pass any tests before joining .

One more tips, if you come to work for TranscribeMe, you should not underestimate How tough does transcription could be. It is a quite hard to determine. But it’s worth to sharpen your skill if you would like to earn some extra cash.

How do you transcribe on TranscribeMe?

TranscribeMe is completely legit. Because they pay. It could be a great place for you to make some extra cash online, addition to your existing income as a part-time job, to have a flexible for your work from home job.

If you are saying to register, just head to TranscribeMe registration page, and fill out your information.

Click here to register on TranscribeMe.

After registration process, they will ask you to go through a brief training program, read carefully on the instructions and guides. Then take an exam. You will need to score 100% to pass the exam.

Also, you will need to transcribe three audio clips, the duration is around six minutes. You have three chances to retest if failure. You need to score at least 98% on this portion in order to get accepted.

Once when you passed the requirements of the accuracy, there you go! You can start making money online every month while working from home.

Is transcribing hard?

Transcription is a skill, it depends on how heavy, and how well you expect to do in transcription, and your ability to type. If you are a typing fast, TranscribeMe is good place for you to look for a job. If you are typing slow, it’s also a good place for you to improve, and tighten your skills.

Also, one of things I like about transcription, is you get paid according to your production, there is a very tangible and improving your immediate value. If you are looking to begin into transcription industry, there are a number of aids what can help you extremely well, and make your job much more easier.

One more tips, if you use good grammar and spelling, you can pay attention easily. If you can discern words when spoken by someone with a strong or any types of accent, if you are able to take very basic information, and use Google to find the correct spelling of names/terminology, transcription work is pretty easy.

How much can you make from TranscribeMe?

There have plenty reviews of TranscribeMe out there, everyone saying different things about how TranscribeMe pays.

We can take a look at some of real reviews:

“I have also learned a lot from the various files I’ve been able to transcribe which is a neat benefit”

“I can work from home, flexible hours, and even let them know if I’ll be unavailable for a few weeks for any reason without any issue”

“Low pay rates, pay transactions only through Paypal”

“20/audio hour – it takes about half an hour to an hour to transcribe a 4 minute clip so the pay rate works out to be quite miserable”

Source : Glassdoor

“TranscribeMe is a great place to work but be aware that the pay, as with most transcription companies, is mediocre at best. If you’re looking for pocket money and flexibility in your working hours then this could be for you. TranscribeMe’s full-time employees and independent transcribers are all very supportive and helpful, and there are opportunities to advance and receive higher rates of pay although again, it’s hardly what you would call a living wage.

Pros : Friendly, supportive work environment.
Cons : Low pay.

Source : Indeed


TranscribeMe says that they pay more than anyone.

Thay said that they have the best rate in transcription industry, with start earning at $15-$22 per audio hour, and top monthly earnings could go for $2,200 (the average monthly earnings are $250). If transcriptionists with specialized backgrounds, like in Medical & Legal, are paid a higher rate.

In general speaking, you make money while working on general transcription, is just extra cash to supplement your income. How much could you make, it really depends on how much the company is willing to pay. The pay range could start from pennies per audio minute, or per audio hour to dollars.


TranscribeMe is a perfect place for the entry-level transcriber. Their requirements are well basic for the industry.

You must be fluent in English language, and carry a high school Diploma. You should also reach the instruction standard of what they given in English grammar and punctuation rules. To have a good ear it helps you a lot as well, and you will get on great with this opportunity. It would be easily for your job in TranscribeMe, if you can distinguish between speakers, and filter out the background noise while listening.

For the technical requirements, you must have a desktop/ laptop computer with reliable, high-speed internet access. That’s all!

They recommend that you need to have headphones for listening to the audio as well. It will make your transcribing jobs much more easier by improving your listening environment and with suitable tools.


TranscribeMe issues payments to transcribers through PayPal once a week. Earnings are settlement in US dollars, and you can request a payout once when you reach to $20 in your account.

Note that, PayPal is the only payment method at the moment, they are unable to pay you in any other methods.

TranscribeMe Reviews?

In general, TranscribeMe is legit company that they pay to their transcribers. It provides a good pathway and platform to begin your transcription career from entry-level as a part-time job, or even work at home job, if you would like to make some extra cash for your self. 

Pros : Flexible working time, work at home, good place to make some extra cash, available in worldwide.

Cons : Low pay if for work at home. There are more higher paying jobs that you can find, or even to build up your online business.

It depends on your typing and listening skills, that how many words in a minute you can write, TranscribeMe could be a good place for stay at home mom.

Would like to share your ideas how to make money online? Let us know, or leave your comment below!

Kind regards,


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  1. Candy Benn

    Thank you for this review. I am always looking for legitimate ways to make an extra dollar while working from home. The qualifying test does sound a bit strenuous for a company that pays so little, none the less in light of the worldwide shut down at the moment it’s good to know that there are companies willing to pay me to work from home.
    Candy Benn

    1. Ling

      Hello Candy, thank you for your comments. We will show more legitimate ways in future, to make sure that how our audience can make money online during COVID-19 pandemic. Also, it depends on the company how much they are willing to pay for your working. Let us know if you have any ideas of how to make money online, or any opinions.

      Have a nice day and stay safe,

  2. Sasha

    Hey Ling, this was a great review. I have actually come across this website when I was looking for ways to make some extra cash. I just feel that their payout is so low compared to the amount of work load that needs to be put in. As you said, there are other high paying jobs out there but for those who are looking to earn a few easy cash, I guess this would be good enough. Thank you once again for sharing this review!

    1. Ling

      Hello Sasha, thank you for your comment. You are welcome, we are screening for some making money online websites for our audience, so that they can earn some cash online. And yes, there is plenty methods how to make money online, but who knows which one legitimize and better ways? That’s why we provide an opportunity here, and let our audience know how, so that they could make money online in safe. Let us know if you have any ideas about make money online.

  3. Habib

    I am always on the lookout for legit ways to make money online and the transcribe me seems to be the right platform knowing that they also provide training. I am really excited to look into this further and maybe join them for the training soon. I am highly grateful to you to provide us a detailed review to help out so many people out there looking for making money online.

    Thank you very much!

    1. Ling

      Hello Habib, thank you for your comment. I’m glad to see that you like our reviews and providing methods to make money online. There are ways to produce cash online nowadays in 21th century, can you imagine those old school days how have people made money without internet? Thanks for the internet, so that we can communicate, working, entertaining and even make money online way more easier. TranscribeMe is a good platform to provide a safe and legit way for users too, and because they pay. You are welcome to drop by anytime and leave us comments. Let us know if you would like to share ideas how to make money online with us.

      Kind regards,

  4. Glenn

    Hi Ling – Thank you for the review. I could see TranscribeMe be a good way for a student to make some extra money from home when they have extra hours here or there.

    The top pay rate is nowhere close to what I need to earn to support my family. I will recommend some young friends check it out.

    Thank you for doing the research and writing the review!

    1. Ling

      Hello Glen, thank you for your comment. TranscribeMe is one of websites in transcription industry which they pay for real. It’s a good place for beginners if would like to start to step into transcription industry. They have a minimum standard that must have a high school diploma, and pass the test they provide. If you carry with some legal skills, such as Medical, Law, they pay even higher rates.
      There has ways to make money online nowadays, it depends on if you are willing to learn. You are welcome to drop by and leave us comment anytime, let us know if you would like to share your ideas with us how to make money online.

      Kind regards and stay safe,

  5. Les Waller

    Its always good to see more than one way of earning money while in the comfort of your own home, thanks for this article! I haven’t tried transcription for money but I have had to transcribe my own videos so that the hearing impaired can understand or that non-native English speakers can follow along with text while I’m speaking in the video. So, I can see why this is in demand with the growth of Youtube and video, in general.

    1. Ling

      Hello Wes, thank you for your comment.
      Yes as you can see the demanding of human resource, and the transcription industry is expanding. Also, it’s suitable for non-English speakers, if they would like to participate, begin their transcription career and make money at the same time. It’s a good start point. There have plenty of languages tests after you registered into their website. Which means, also a good start for someone who wants to become a translator, or someone who carries multi-lingual as well, so that they can perform themselves. Let us know if you have any ideas about how to make money online, and would like to share us in future. Have a nice day and stay safe, Ling

  6. Jason

    The truth is that I was always interested in this type of business, since it is honestly a job in which you can fight the “automatic pilot” and do a good job and have some extra money. Of course, the fact that the payment is somewhat low also took me away a bit. But hey, it’s not rocket science, is it?

    I think this platform is very good, and the payment is a little higher than others. I also like that it has a good attention

    I have been on some of this platform, and I really must admit … that you learn a lot from the topics you transcribe!

    A query, is there any “ranking” within the platform where you are leveling up and earning more money? I mean, if your “average profit” gets higher as you generate more articles?

    That is a good incentive!

    I’m going to take a look at this platform

    1. Ling

      Hello Jason, thank you for the comment. This platform is offering jobs for transcribers and earn some extra cash, plus there have instructions you will need to follow their standard. Well the platform saying that average earning is $250. But there are plenty ways to make money online that pays more and legitimate, but need to pay attention on some “quick cash”, “Pays high volume in a short period“ usually they are scams. You will need to work for yourself for long term strategy, and hard if willing to make money online as business, because business it’s yours, so that you can take control on it. 

      Best wishes,


  7. Lena

    TranscribeMe sounds good to earn extra cash when have free time. But I am wondering is that only available for English? I am not so good at English.

    1. Ling

      Hello Lena, thank you for your comment. TranscribeMe has multiple languages test provided once when you register as a transcriber. If you are concerned about languages other than English, this is a good chance. Let us know if you have any ideas to share with us about Making Money Online.

      Have a nice weekend and stay safe, Ling

  8. Gareth

    It sounds like transcribe me is a great way to earn some extra cash if you’ve got some spare time to burn. I don’t think it would work for many people as replacement for their jobs/incomes? Although, with anything, there’s nothing stopping you from becoming the best in the game – it takes dedication. I hadn’t heard of TranscribeMe before, so I’ll take a look into it – but I think you’ve given me everything I need to know in this article – it’s very detailed and full of valuable information – thank you!

    1. Ling

      Hello Gareth, thank you for your comment. TranscribeMe claims their transcribers could earn $250 in average. But once when you work for them long enough, or if you carry multiple languages , or some professional skills, they will pay you more.
      There are plenty of ways that you can make money online more than that. You can take a look on our articles for more.


  9. Hannie

    I have tried transcribing in the past. So I can honestly say, I suck at it. 🙂 But it’s good to know of this company just in case I need a transcriber, isn’t it.
    My grandson wants to earn money but he is in the 2nd grade so not very good with writing yet. If we could let him dictate the texts, someone else could transcribe it and make a blogpost of it. I have to ponder about that idea some more. Thanks for making my ideas flowing!

    1. Ling

      Hello Hannie, thank you very much for your comment. Yes you are right, if you think that you cannot work with TranacribeMe, there are plenty of methods that you can make money online. Or perhaps you will need it to transcribe for yourself in case. As the demanding of transcribers are still high. Hope it helps!

  10. Roy

    Hi, LIng. This an interesting review. I have thought about checking out some transcription opportunities as I am quite fluent in English. The opportunities I have seen so far has not been”newbie” friendly. I also want to hone my skills in English, so this might be an excellent side job, besides my daytime job and as an affiliate marketer.

    Your review is detailed and a good source of reference.


    1. Ling

      Hello Roy, thank you for your comment. I found that there has demands in transcribing industry, which means they are recruiting people. But how to determine if it’s legit or scam, that’s a good questions. I hope this helps!

  11. Jay

    This is really cool and I think I would be able to make some really good money from here while working as a transcriber. I have tried some platforms before that didn’t work for me. This one is a good one and I will make sure that I give this a try and see how much I will be able to make with this.

    1. Ling

      Hello Jay, thank you for your comment. I have found that TranscribeMe is a good platform where you can make some good extra cash. We will have some more post about how to make money online in future, don’t miss out!

  12. JK

    Hi Ling ,thank you for this wonderful review .What a nice timing ?My friend was looking for a par time job which allows him to work from home ,i just shared this article with him ,he also says thank you for this review and all the helpful and well detailed informations .I think i am also going to give it a try ,i could find an hour or two to do this per day ,i will let you know how it is going later

    1. Ling

      Hello JK, thank you for your comment. You are very welcome to across by and drop us comments any time, and you can share with your friends and let them know about us. For helping people to go through COVID-19 pandemic, we will have some posts about making money online, and do as much as we can. Sure and we are looking forward and see how it is going with you, and you can let us know about it.

      Cheers and stay safe,

  13. Teboho Lekhanya


    Thanks very much for an interesting article! ☺️

    There are indeed a number of different opportunities on the net, for different people. As long as they are legit schemes!

    I like where you say, “best make money online job for shy and not talkative people”. Some people could think that ANY online work would suit shy and reserved people. But it’s NOT SO. They still have to market their online work. And if they are not successful with SEO and the likes, then they face a mountain to climb! But obviously with opportunities like TranscribeMe, then they can use a means of communication which they are sometimes very gifted with – THEIR FINGERS!

    I am also impressed by your philosophy, “if youare a fast typist, TranscribeMe is good place for you to look for a job. If you are a slow typist, it’s also a good place for you to improve, and tighten your skills”! Often we don’t realise that challenges are opportunities for us to improve, and not situations we should always run away from!


    1. Ling

      Hello Teboho, thank you for your comment. There are plenty opportunities that how to make money online, abut how to choose a right one, it takes some time, and that’s the decision what people need to make. TranscribeMe is one of good place where can practice, improve and tighten your typing and listening skill to make some extra cash as well. Let us know if you have any ideas on how to make money online.

  14. Lucas Moore

     This is an awesome review that is of great help. When you work with TranscribeMe, you’ll
     log in to its WorkHub, which you must have Google Chrome to access. Then
      you’ll have the opportunity to claim any available TranscribeMe jobs.
     Pick up an audio file, transcribe it and submit it, all through the hub.

     thank you very much for creating this article.

    1. Ling

      Hello Lucas, thank you for your comment. We would like to help people, sharing ideas and methods how to make money online as much as we can. That’s why we created this website. Let us know if you have any ideas about how to make money online.

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