About the traffic of your website, have you ever thought why your website is/ are not ranking?

  1. Website is New

If your website is not indexed in Google, this reason is pretty obvious. There’s no way to appear in Google search results.

Your website is/ are not ranking, it’s because if you build up a website for only few weeks fresh, and not much enough contents to show, or done anything like building your website. Of course your website is not indexed.

You only need high quality contents, and powerful back links to support and to get indexed. It’s the “secret” formula.

It’s normal if new websites are ranking pretty lower results. Don’t need to be sad, it’s just the time takes Google to finish monitoring your website(s), and make sure if your website(s) is legit.

It’s called Sandbox effect.

It could be last longer between 3 to 6 months, anywhere. 


2. Target Keywords are too competitive

It’s pretty common for beginners, that always target some keywords which are too competitive.

Well, there’s nothing wrong with targeting some competitive keywords, it’s better if you select some keywords for the right battle, that you can easily rank with your current domain and available resources.

For example, if you just start out with almost no money, or no experiences, that it’d be risky to aim for the most competitive keywords.

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3. High Quality Backlinks

You have number of backlinks is the most important ranking affection.

Take a look on your website, if you have put enough fort in building strong backlinks of your profile.

But backlinks are not created equally.

You should take a look in your industry, that how you can start to learn legitimate editorial backlinks from relevant websites.

 There are some methods to help you dong this. My favourites are:

  • Guests comments
  • Experts / Guru
  • Blog commenting

4. Not indexed by Google

This reason is pretty obvious, right? If your website didn’t index yet, Google doesn’t show your results and it’s normal.

At this time, you may need to check if your settings are correct.

4.1 By mistake

I know it sounds dummy, but this actually and always happened. Check your Reading settings to make sure if you are not accidentally prevented search engines indexing your websites.

In Reading Settings > Search Engine Visibility > Discourage Search Engines from indexing this site <- this must be unchecked.

4.2 Google did not crawl into your website yet

This is pretty normal, and common for new websites, especially with no schedules on publishing your websites, it takes time for Google bots to come down and index your website articles, don’t worry about it.

If you would like to make the process faster, you can submit your websites to Google Webmaster Tools, or sharing your articles to different social medias.

4.3 Accidentally build your websites on personalized or expired

If you use a domain which is expired, to start a new website, then make sure study the histories of the domain before purchasing. This step is to make sure it was not personalized or de-indexed before you purchase.

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