The Pros

Affiliate Marketing has the following advantages to make a good freelance/ work from-home option

Choose the products or services you want to promote based on your interests or expertise

Work anytime
and anywhere

No need to buy any products, or stock goods

Create passive income​

Easy to get started

Low cost


Of course, Affiliate Marketing, like all kind of business, facing challenges such as…….

It may take some time to increase traffic to the website

The industry is competitively fierce. When you come across a good potential project, you can expect many people are promoting the same affiliate company

Fake news and advertisements around, may cause some damages to the reputation of the affiliate. More and more affiliate websites would do this trick

Vendors may not receive money. Some unscrupulous vendors may run away without cancelling affiliate plans and funds

Some publishers would be deceived by the high commissions proposed by vendors, but would only receive lower commissions than promised. Some plans may require publishers to pay cash in order to join the membership

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