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Make Money Under Coronavirus Outbreak


Anything positive to make money online during Coronavirus outbreak?


“Many small business are going bankruptcy, or being shut down. But, there is still something positive for online entrepreneurs, like other people whom work from home, home based business, make money online, home office, etc.”

It’s really sad to see that happens, and I wish all the best to all people. I hope they will find the ways out.

During the COVID-19 ( Coronavirus ) panic,  there is a group of work-from-home entrepreneurs they are largely unaffected. They don’t need to fear to lose their jobs, their income is not in danger. Because they are already working from home, so the prospect of quarantine and shutdowns, means business as usual.

Building up a second income, can never hurt. It’s always nice to have an additional safety net for yourself, and your loved one. Especially we still don’t know the situation how bad it will become.

The easiest way to start earning an extra income online, is to become an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing means that you get paid a commission whenever, or whatever you refer a sale to a merchant.

You don’t need to worry about how to plan and create products, managing stock, doing customer support, etc. Just take your special affiliate link and share, and you will automatically get paid when someone buys from your link.

So, how to get started?

Follow the steps you can take today, start earning on affiliate commissions from the comfort of your own home quickly.

  1. Join Wealthy Affiliate for FREE

First, you need to join an affiliate network. Wealthy Affiliate is 100% free to join, no credit card required, you will get instant access to plenty of top-selling digital products you can promote.

They also have web hosting, WordPress based creating website platform, private coach training, 24/7 support, community, over 1000+ video and text based training module, weekly live training, high recurring commissions, and your affiliate commissions will usually between $8 – $175 per sale, with the average sale generating $145+.

2. Start a Blog

The easiest, and the fastest way to start a blog, is joining SiteRubix, You can go there to grab a free website, and there has a session to create free blog.

I recommend that you start out with blogging, as it is the easiest way for beginners, to start generating traffic to their affiliate links… and because there have a lot of the other “getting started” information, training you will find also involves blogging.

3. Find products to promote

Browse the “Affiliate Programs” of Wealthy Affiliate,  and find products you would like to promote. Take your time, and have a good look, there have many options available to you.

Consider the product that looks helpful and interesting to you. Learn from the product and use it as the base for the next step.

4. Start your journey, and profit!

Use your new blog to post about you, as an affiliate marketer. Do it daily journal-style posts about what you are doing, why and how. Also, you could review the products you purchased, and make posts about how you are using it, how it’s helping you. Include affiliate links in your posts, so you will earn commissions when people buy anything after reading your blog.

Your blog posts will soon start getting search engine traffic, and you can boost your traffic a lot if you also share your posts on social media. Don’t be afraid to do so, lots of people are in the same boat as you, included myself. You are not alone. Would find your journey is interesting and inspiring for both.

That’s it. It’s really that easy to get started earning an extra income as an affiliate marketer. Everything can be done for free as you are starting out. Head over to Wealthy Affiliate to create your free account and get started today. Remember, to stay safe and take the right action under this coronavirus outbreak, Wealthy Affiliate is here for you.

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