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There are many people dreaming of legitimate at work from home jobs

Have you ever dreamt of having work from home jobs legitimate at home, fun and flexible?

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, many companies has shut down, cut off employees, and people lost their jobs. It motivate us, and we are here to help as much as we can do.

So we decided to do some research,  and dig for more about work from home jobs, no scams and no experience required recently, wondering how to make money online during COVID-19 outbreak?

Here is a chance! You can earn up to USD$17 per hour with work at home chat job! NO scams and NO experience needed.

What is is a newer eCommerce marketing company, which provides customers experience, professional opinions from their brand ambassadors, and offering chat jobs at work from home online.

They claimed that they can help to get more, and new customers into businesses. Also, they provide with interesting, legitimate at work from home jobs and become their representatives, which they called “Advocates”.

Is scam or legit? claims that they can help companies with contents in original, professional advice, shopper engagement with their online services, creating new eCommerce revenues, and having loyal customer based through their online representatives – Advocates, to convert new customers into buyers .

How to become an Advocate on

Step 1 –  You will need to take around 10 to 15 minutes, and fill out a detailed form which they will provide, and showing that you will have some professional skills, and expertise on, which you will be able to help them, and their partners.

Step 2 – After you selected “Needler,” you will be able to work with their customers directly, shop at the online stores that partner with, providing answers to their questions, and sharing how your own experiences can help them make purchasing decisions. 

It sounds similar what mystery shopper does, and that is how it works.

Perhaps you will be asked to provide new, or some additional and original contents, or provide some feedback and advice on their contents to support what they are offering for their guests or customers already.

Is Advocating on hard?

You only need to provide customer service, and chatting on their website as an agent on For some people who has customer experience will be easier.

No worries if you don’t have customer service experience in past, it is also a good place for you to begin your first step, gain your experience, tighten your skills, to fulfill what their guests need at the end, right?

How much can you make on claims that the average of their Advocates earn $17 per hour.

Payment method claims that they pay for your chats through Paypal to their Advocates.

Update 2020: Advocates on reported that they are no longer to pay hourly. According to their website, they will give out points instead, and you can use the points and purchase in their own online store. However, some real Advocates said still pay them per hour, but there has no information on their website provided such notice.

You will read more at the reviews here. Reviews

Let’s see some real reviews about first:

Case 1

“Best place to work. Great staff.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Needle. The people are great and there is a real work/life balance. I loved the start up enviroment which provided a lot of variety in my job.”
Pros : people, environment
Cons : none
Case 2
“needle used to pay people in real money, now they pay people in points, which is pure garbage. They try to tell you the benefits of it, but don’t tell you you have to pay taxes on the money you aren’t receiving at the end of the year.”
Case 3
“I have been working at Needle full-time.”

Pros :

Lunches, relaxed work enviornment, ability to make key decisions in your role, cool office, flexible schedule, work from home one day a week, great work/life balance, great people

Cons :

Small, typical startup woes, leadership turnover

Advice to Management

“I would hold more regular company update meetings to keep everyone “in the know” and focused on the same key objectives.

Case 4

“I worked at Needle part-time for more than a year”


“nothing. if i could give a 0 on everything I would.”


“everything. pay, schedule, management, incentives. truthfulness. Switching managers on us. Lying. Sending out used “incentives” taking weeks to pay. Then they fired the whole community, except for a few select favorites who they moved to new jobs within needle. If you spoke up or said anything about anyone you were scolded.”

Advice to Management

be honest. pay better, stop lowering peoples pay and saying “this is what you asked for”

Source : indeed, Glassdoor

They have no information on what items you can purchase in their store with points, how many points for the items, and how many points you earn per hour in public source.

Information lacking is an issue. is promoting their service to audience who may become their customers, perhaps willing to pay them as high quality advocates in various types. The issue is, how many high quality experts are being able to work with a payment system of points, sounds like treated as volunteers, right? 

Exposed : When you realize the fact, that they are charging their customers between USD $1,000 to $3,000 per month for the work of what Advocates, that’s what you are essentially doing. And they are not willing to pay for some chats in case.

There are plenty opportunities outside and where you could work at home, become a representative of Customer Service, have clear policies and knowledges, and you would earn hourly rate of pay instead of points rewards.

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  1. Les Waller

    Wow! That’s a very interesting startup! It’s been a while since I’ve researched work at home job and I agree with the others that working for points isn’t the same as working for cash. What if you don’t need what they offer? Still, it might be something to try just for the halibut. Cheers!

    1. Ling

      Hello Les, thank you for your comment. We took a research about the offers on their website, there still has no information provided. We are concerned about that working for points, is not the same way that working for cash. Perhaps could try and gain some experience for customer representative, right?

  2. Janet

    Hi Ling. Thank you for sharing this opportunity of making money from home. If they really have change the payment method by giving point instead of money, this will do good for those who purchase their products regularly. Is this work from home job open to global or for people living in USA only?

    1. Ling

      Hello Janet, thank you for your comment. As our concept is providing every single way how to make money online, we do everything as much as we can. If make an adjustment on payment, I believe that there will have plenty chances for Advocates, and everyone will be happy with it. As we known so far, this is opening for worldwide. Let us know if you have any ideas about how to make money and share with us.

  3. Habib

    A very good and thorough review of You’ve explained each aspects of really in detail to enable people t make up their mind whether is a platform they would like to work for. I think it’s not affordable for may if us due to it’s hefty monthly fees. I would rather go for your recommended program, the Wealthy Affiliate. It’s one of the best program to help you achieve financial freedom in the online world.

    Many Thanks

    1. Ling

      hello Habib, thank you for your comment. Because changed the payment method, and use points system instead of cash out, which means there has few, or less people are interested into it. I hope I explained it clear. Like you said, there has plenty of opportunities that you can make money online. Can look for more and we talked about it too. Let us know if you have any ideas about how to make money online.

  4. Brianna

    Sounds like they used to be legit and now they are a scam of sorts! Yikes! Thank you for your review! These companies should know better than to mess with peoples livlihoods. NO ONE works for free!

    1. Ling

      Hello Brianna, thank you for your comment. changed their payment methods instead of cashing out, it sounds like less attractive and people may not have the motion to work for them. But seems it pays out in points, so it looks like still legitimate. As we collected some complains or comments about this on too. Anyway, there have plenty of methods on how to make money online, and I think people will make their choices.

  5. Johan

    An intriguing concept to have consumers of a product become advocates for the company. The points system would need to be investigated a little more. A compromise for the way to avoid earnings and tax complications for the advocate. What you could get from acquiring points would need to stay worthwhile though.

    1. Ling

      Hello Johan, thank you for your comment. As we took investigation on how their system works, but there has still no information on their website and people could not check it out. They claimed that advocates could use their points and purchase on their web store, but how many points on items and etc, they do not have a clear statement about it.
      Anyway, there are plenty ways to make money online, and we investigated in previous, you can take a look on our articles and read more.
      Let us know if you have any ideas about how to make money online in future.

  6. MIchel

    I must admit I haven’t come across Needle dot com before, but it is nice to know that there are legitimate jobs online for people that need something that pays now.

    However, on reading further, I see there are many complaints from people working there, and who would want to be paid in points anyway. Luckily if you want to steer clear of this one, there are other companies that are looking for virtual assistants, copywriters, and even authors, so there is going to be something you can do if you are desperate. 

    I highly recommend though that you follow the advice at the end of the post and aim to build your own business, rather than rely on someone else for an income.

    1. Ling

      Thank you for your comment. You are right, like you said, “build your own business rather than rely on someone else for an income“. Because you will never known when you may lose your job in some days. I’m showing this for example, and letting people know about how these kind of website works for people looking for job, and tell them the truth.

  7. Robert

    Wealthy affiliate program has been a work in progress. I’m willing to put the work in for the progress. What ever someone dose needs to have some kind of work involved. Can jump ship when thing seem harder thin the norm. Keep pushing for success.

  8. Mohamed

    Thanks for sharing a great article about needle website. I never heard about it nor never tried them and I cannot say anything about the legitimacy. However that sound like ripoff if they are charging the customer a lot of money and I checked their website don’t show much information about how you make money online nor the guaranteed hourly income.

  9. Ivana

    Wow! Firstly it looked as very subjective opinion about Needle, but further in text there are real pros and cons. After that, it’s going even better,  serious criticism of people who had or still are having experience with this company. This is kind of content I like: brutally honest. So you can really decide whether you like it or not.  Thanks for objective insight!

  10. Jim

    Hi Ling. From what I can gather from your article, it sounds like Needle have shot themselves in the foot. Moving from a money based rewards system to a point based one mist likely only increases their own profit margins but does very little for their advocates. Before you explained that they had moved to the points system, I was ready to join up. $17 an hour sounded pretty good for a side hustle. However, I have no need for gaining points so I’ll be giving them a wide birth. Thank you for this informative, honest review. Jim

  11. Ashley

    Yeah, this sounds sketchy to me for some reason.  I think the idea behind Needle dot com, and becoming a needler, sounds appealing, but when a company starts talking about not paying employees in cash, and instead, giving out points, a red flag goes up in my mind. I mean, people looking for side gigs are usually looking to make an extra income, not to buy products from an obscure online store in exchange for hard work.  What kind of products are actually offered at these stores?  Thanks. 

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