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It is way too expensive to buy a flat / apartment in some places like Metropolitan area, and you have to pay for your bills, rent and food.

If there is a way that how to make online income, the quality of life with your family, with your love one could be improved more and more.

Speaking of which, everyone will be tempted to speculate in stocks, digging cryptocurrency to make money for the first time. However, for some people especially who are not interested in stock market or cryptocurrencies, it does not work.

In fact, if you carry simple computer knowledge today, you can try to make money online.

At present, the concept in some places are relatively unfamiliar, but there have many people in the United States, United Kingdom, China and Taiwan have already started.

Today, many people become KOL (Key Opinion Leader) to make short clips for making money. In addition, many companies providing and recommending some  methods and platforms, such as Amazon, eBay Partner, Ali Mom, Taiwan Yahoo Qimo Shopping Mall Alliance Plan, etc.

Obviously, there are plenty opportunities to make money online at home and abroad. In particular, the market of United States is more mature.

For example, if you go to Google and search for “make money online“, there are plenty useful and more information. The most common ones are those who do surveys online, those who speculate in stocks, and virtual currencies, all of which are poisonous drugs!

Here are some methods and tips that how to do it:

  • blog / website: The main platform for making money online.
  • Paypal: Many services fee or pay you through Paypal (because many merchants are foreign companies)
  • Basic HTML knowledge: Basic web page concepts (not necessary, you can learn on Google / YouTube in 1,2 minutes)
  • Have your own Domain (domain name): It is necessary, if any, it will help SEO. And your own sense of belonging will also increase.
  • To write personalized content: Since there is not much cost, how much money you make, it depends on how much time you invest, doing data / research collection, writing articles, through attracting contents that resonates between you and audience.

Relatively, without the flow of people, it is difficult to start making money online.

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