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Black Friday is the perfect time to join in Wealthy Affiliate, and it is the cheapest time to buy a membership with Premium membership and all of the unlocked section! (Value USD $588 in Regular Price!)

Simply, you can get for only USD $299 for the entire year, compared to it’s regular price of USD $588!

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Detailed look at the Black Friday Deal 2020

Normally, WA (Wealthy Affiliate) offer the famous Black Friday Deal on each Thanksgiving day, attracting thousands of new members.

This year, WA offer it in special between May 1, 2020- May 11, 2020.  The cost is USD $299, and equals a monthly investment just under USD $25. It’s just USD $0.83 per day.

You can read our page here, for regular price of Premium member , they are USD $49 per month, which equals USD $588 yearly. Almost half of the regular cost of the Black Friday Special. Regarding of the plan, once when member get this offer until May 11, 2020, the price doesn’t change going forwards as long as the member remains in good standing.

The Black Friday Deal provides unlimited access to WA community, and the unlocked features available to Premium Members, start by creating a new account as a Starter Member with access to limited sections, so you can decide before taking this offer.

If you stay, you can upgrade to Premium for full unlocked functions to the site. The features and training is overwhelming for new members unfamiliar with a website such as WA. We included the list below of features and description here:

  • Live Help 24/7 , you can ask any questions in community, receive an answer in minutes
  • 24/7/365 Website technical support of our professional support team standby
  • Receive helpful feedback about your website from our community members
  • Website Comments Platform, for giving comments on your websites, to help with your website SEO
  • Personal Affiliate Blog
  • Private Messaging – message to any other Premium members, including the owner Kyle and Carson
  • Private access to owners Kyle and Carson
  • Create and build up to 50 websites
  • Websites Daily Backup
  • SSL encryption included for each website, no additional charge
  • Keyword research tool provided, included with unlimited searches
  • SiteHealth Website Analysis platform pinpoints corrections on your websites 
  • Training course for beginners
  • Unlimited access to over 13 Classrooms and +1000 training videos and text-based resources
  • Unlimited access to 70 lessons of Affiliate Bootcamp Training
  • Video Live training weekly
  • Video walk-through of building business techniques
  • Unlimited 1-on-1 Coaching available
  • Ability to earn while you learn
  • Access to WA’s own Affiliate Program

The training on WA teach members how to leverage to their knowledge, to become a successful and professional marketer in affiliate marketing. Many members find the training second-to-none, and learning the business is a self-paced model, that removes the pressure to keep up with others.


Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is a popular and established affiliate marketing, online marketing and training website. WA does not brag about easy money with no work.

The exaggerated claims of easy money and unlimited fortunes lure millions of people into paying for information, then leads them to nowhere and stopped them into somewhere else. The internet marketing scams plague the websites with false claims of big and easy money, gives the affiliate marketing business a bad reputation and name.

It’s the reason for people why they are hesitating joining websites such as WA. WA owners Kyle and Carson does not exaggerate or make promises about making money online. They promise to teach anyone who is interested in the basics of affiliate marketing from the beginning.

They have huge number of members (+1.4 millions, from 193 countries worldwide) tells us their approach to teach the affiliate marketing business resonates with many people. Members say tat, to help and encouragement taking center stage from the moment a beginner logs onto the website.

Business Model of Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate specialize into Keyword Research, using keyword research to reach and attract natural traffic to a website, provided a way to earn commissions by selling products / services from the website.

This business model of WA represents the basic function of affiliate marketing, or earning a commission for selling someone else’s product/ service from a website / vendor. Keywords related to the product/ service attracted customers ready to purchase via the search engines result pages.

It is a simple business model and continues to make many people very wealthy, but it is not easy. As with any other business types, it takes effort and focuses on the road to succeed. According to their training, WA takes the confusing parts of affiliate marketing, and explains in free training videos and seminars.

The training videos for Premium members get updated whenever necessary as new techniques emerge. Free members have access to a limited library of videos, but enough to give them information to make an informed decision to continue or leave.

Training, never stops

The Internet changes daily, if an online marketer doesn’t keep up to date, they miss the changes. WA updates members with new changes that affect their respective businesses with community messages or in a video/ text-based message.

If a website gets enough traffic, no sales happen and soon closes down. Attracting natural traffic to a website requires steps that guarantee visitors find the website. Search engine optimization (SEO) starts with proper training, which is the subject of many training videos available to members.

As with all aspects of running a business, consistent effort equals progress. According to WA, part of the training reveals how to turn effort into results by following proven strategies that deliver results.

Members have access to a library with massive resources, educational videos, and training sessions on every subject related to affiliate marketing, online marketing. If a member feels they need to refresh, it’s a simple matter and they can find the information quickly by accessing the training section of the website.


WA website and impressive training show a level of dedication by the owners, Kyle and Carson. It is rarely seen such websites with memberships like Wealthy Affiliate. Genuine caring for others shows in their communications with members of WA and doesn’t go unnoticed.

Members comment about how well they’re treated by either Kyle or Carson. If you think affiliate marketing is a good choice for you, I suggest you read more about Wealthy Affiliate. In my opinion, membership at Wealthy Affiliate is a decent choice.